# kenma kozume kinnie LOL


she/her, 17, may 9th, hispanic poc, unlabeled, isfj 6w5,
sx/sp, lfev, 549, melancholic-phlegmatic & true neutral!

+ taurus sun, cancer rising & capricorn moon!


tv shows & animes: hunter x hunter, seraph of the end, stranger things, attack on titan, demon slayer, death note, gravity falls, owl house, the umbrella academy....

other media: sonic the hedgehog, the last of us, minecraft, your turn to die....

LINKS! editing acc, spam 1, spam 2


psa i only kin for fun and to get a sense of who i am since i’m all over the place lmao.

KINS!: kenma kozume, killua zoldyck, gon freecss, armin arlert, neiru aonuma, tanjiro kamado, shoya ishida, yamaguchi tadashi, kyoka jiro, will byers, zuko (atla), luz noceda...


killua zoldyck, gon freecss, alluka zoldyck, killugon, the main 4 in hxh, tanjiro kamado, mika and yuu hyakuya, sonic the hedgehog, & anyone i edit tbh. i’ll give a full list later when i’m not lazy.

BYF: im multi-fandom, i have social anxiety, i may go inactive randomly for my mental health, i am bad with dms so if you want to be friends i suggest to request my spam accounts, & do not interact if you fit any of the basic dni criteria.

( i use videostar to edit! )